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2021 CAMP Sponsorship Campaign

Our annual fall retreat is the biggest and most important event that we hold each year. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to go to camp, regardless of finances. Every year, we make it one of our top goals to raise the necessary funds needed to cover any students who need financial assistance in order to attend camp. One of our top priorities is raising the funds needed to cover our local foster care students. 


Renting the camp facilities, paying for food and materials, and covering our staff, is a very expensive undertaking... but, we feel it is of the HIGHEST importance, as these weeks at camp allow our students to not only have an incredibly memorable week of fun with their friends, but (most importantly) a life-changing experience with their Creator! There is something incredible that happens when students can escape the distractions of cell phones, social media, and the world wide web, to spend a week on a campground with people who show them the love of God on a daily basis! It is powerful!


If you are interested in sponsoring a student (or multiple students!) to be able to attend Camp Bridgeway this year, we would be forever grateful! All donations are tax-deductible.


A full sponsorship of $250 can cover one student or provide two partial sponsorships of $125 that can help two students in need. Our goal is to help ease the financial burden so that every student who wants to attend camp is able to come!


Thank you for supporting the students in Henry County and helping us make this year's camp experience the best yet for these students!


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