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In honor of Jordan Todd Heath

Jordan Todd Heath, was born January 30, 1997 in Stockbridge Georgia to Jeremy (Todd) and Angela Stephens Heath. Jordan passed away August 15, 2016 at the age of 19. His brothers are Jeremy (age 14) and Joshua (age 14). Jordan attended Ola Middle and High Schools, and for the past two years worked for his father at Phoenix Water & Fire Restoration. He was an inspiring musician and was pursuing a career in writing and producing music. He was an incredible baseball player and loved football. He was an Auburn Tigers super fan. He loved to fish and his favorite place to visit was the mountains in Blue Ridge. He was witty and had a sense of humor that made others laugh. Jordan had a heart of gold and loved unconditionally. He put others first always and took care of himself last, that's what made him the happiest, to see others smile. 

This page is dedicated to Jordan Todd Heath. In his honor, please continue to give to others and put a smile on the faces of our youth. Help teens build themselves up to be strong adults in life and make the right decisions. Together, we can help children from foster homes and those suffering from drug abuse, physical abuse, and those overcoming other forms of adversity. Bridgeway helps to provide character education programs for students and families. Through these programs, they help address many issues and help raise awareness for things such as drug abuse, gang awareness, suicide prevention, building self-esteem, and making healthy choices in dating and relationships. Join us as we work to build a strong foundation for the next generation. 


- Angie Heath

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